Practice Areas

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Corporation and Business Services.  Our clients will benefit from our "big picture" approach, business-sensitive legal assistance and our commitment of working hand-in-hand with the corporate decisions makers and their staff.  In this area, our practice includes the following legal services:

a.      Start up businesses

    •  Setting up of a new corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with specific exposure in registration with the SEC and setting of a recruitment agencies through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA);
    • Preparation, supervision and documentation of the first stockholders meeting and organizational board meeting;
    •  Drafting and/or review of business contracts and commercial transactions (supply or service agreements, employment contracts, sale, lease, loan, agency, deposit, consultancy, security service, production, distribution, dealership, transportation, mass media, sports & entertainment, etc.);
    • Assistance in the drafting of employees manual;                                                          
    • Retainership as corporate secretary which entails attendance at board and stockholder's meeting, advise and counseling during said meetings, preparation and keeping of minutes, resolutions and stock transfer books, issuance of stock certificates and documentation of stock transfer transactions.
b.      Foreign Corporations
    • Assistance in securing license to transact business in the Philippines
    • Setting up of a branch, subsidiary, regional and area headquarter; 
    • Registration with BOI and PEZA;
    • Legal advice in entering joint ventures;
    • Contract negotiations;
    • Related immigration matters.

c.      Intra- and Inter-corporate controversies;

d.      Collection and assignment of debts;

e.      Retainership for corporate housekeeping; and,

f.        Conduct due diligence.

Philippine Immigration/Naturalization and Visa Assistance.  In this area, our practice includes the following legal services:

a)     Business Immigration and Visa;

    • Acquisition of special investor's resident visa (SIRV),  
    • Assistance to employers in applying for a pre-arranged employment visas and Alien Employment Permit for their new hires or adjustment of status;
    • Securing provisional permit to work for new hires from foreign countries;
    • Helping extend and/or renew work visas;

b)     Legal advice and assistance Temporary Visitor's Visa [9(a) Visa] (including extension and change of status); Transient's Visa [9(b) Visa]; Seaman's Visa [9(c) Visa]; Treaty Trader/Investor Visa [9(d) Visa]; Diplomatic Visa [9(e) Visa]; Student Visa [9(f) Visa]; Pre-arranged Employment Visa; multiple entry special visa;

c)     Tourist (extension and change of status), temporary visitor, prearranged employment, treaty trader, special non-immigrant, special investors resident, and quota and non-quota immigrant visas, including special multiple-entry visas for offshore banking unit and regional headquarters personnel, alien employment permits, and special work permits;

d)  Special Visas for former Filipinos and/or Reacquisition of Filipino Citizenship;

e)     Naturalization;

f)       Other registrations including Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), Certificate of Residence, Emigration Clearance Certificate (E.C.C.), Re-entry Permit, Special Return Certificate;

g)     Deportation proceedings; and,

h)     Criminal implications of immigration Matters  

Litigation.  Our clients will benefit from our paradigm of treating litigation as only one of the modes of dispute resolution (others being negotiation, mediation and arbitration) and that litigation, like war, is engaged only as a last resort or for self-defense.  Emphasis is made on the practice of preventive law, that is, advising clients on legal measures to minimize or avoid costly and lengthy litigation.  Like warriors, we prepare day in day out for litigation and engage in it with the mind-set of providing the best legal service to our clients through extensive preparation and constant client consultation at every stage of the litigation process. 

In this area, our practice includes the following legal services: handling of criminal, civil, commercial, and administrative cases, including intra-corporate and stockholders' derivative suits, both at the trial and appellate levels.  To date, however, we have more extensive exposure in criminal and commercial litigation and appellate practice;  

U.S. Immigration Documentation.  Our foreign clients (U.S. hospitals and skilled-nursing homes) and Philippine registered nurses will benefit from our extensive experience and updated information in all aspects of U.S. employment-based immigration with special focus on registered nurses including extensive knowledge on the processes involving CGFNS, Visascreen, TOEFL, TSE/TWE, TOIEC, IELTS.  This is enhanced by affiliating with a Filipino U.S. immigration lawyer based in California, U.S.A. (See affiliates).  Our pioneering specialized administrative support services for U.S. immigration documentation is coupled with our ability to seamlessly integrate automated immigration documentation and internet capabilities resulting in drastically cutting legal fees for foreign employers and cost-effective services to the registered nurses.  In this area, our practice includes the following legal services:

a.      Providing specialized administrative immigration support services for employment-based immigration for registered nurses and other professions exempted from labor certification;

b.      Assisting beneficiaries (petitioned-worker) in legal problems closely related to their immigration petition, i.e., correction of names; application and/or renewal of passports; marriage; contract review;

c.      Provide registered nurses with orientation on the general aspects of the U.S. immigration process and consultation on related legal matters involving Philippine laws;

d.      Assistance in authentication of documents (Office of the President, DFA and Foreign Embassies).

Real Estate  In this area, our practice includes the following legal services:

Providing legal advice and assistance on all matters involving the acquisition, development, lease, and disposition of real estate, including condominiums, plant sites, resorts, hotels, export processing zones, and housing and industrial subdivisions. Specifically, we conduct or provide legal services involving title search and verification, purchase and sale, mortgages and foreclosures, lease, land titling; quieting of title, estate  and intestate proceedings, partition and ejectment.  Litigation services are also provided as a last resort.

Sports and Entertainment  In line with our theme of client-partnership, we provide individualized and client-focused legal services in relation to sports and entertainment matters.  Being high-profile and, at times, controversial public figures, legal advice and services are rendered with the recognition of their status. In this area, our practice includes the following legal services: contract negotiation, contract drafting and/or review, immigration matters, consultations, labor-related matters, litigation and other services listed herein as applied to the unique situation of the sports and entertainment personalities.

Intellectual Property   In this area, our practice includes the following legal services:

Legal services and assistance for the registration, assignment, licensing & maintenance of local & international patents (inventions), utility models, industrial designs, collective marks, trademarks, tradenames and copyrights, voluntary registration of technology transfer arrangements (TTAs) as well as the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights (including derivative rights) against infringement and unfair competition. 

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